Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are we allowed to stain our fence?

    Yes, please refer to the Architectural Review Committee's Bulletin 1 for information. You will need to submit this form. Architectural Review Application.

  • Can the HOA regulate parking on the streets when they are public streets?

    Yes, when you closed on your house, you agreed to abide by the Covenents and By-Laws of the HOA. The DCCR Article VI Section 4 explains the rules for parking in our subdivision.

  • Do I need permission to build a shed or a pergula in my backyard?

    Yes, the DCCR Article II Section 3 states that you must get approval for most things you want to build.

  • I heard I can't park in my driveway, is that true?

    It's not a simple yes or no answer. But it is true that you can *never* block the sidewalk with a vehicle or park on the grass. There are limits to the type and size of vehicles you can park in your driveway and limits to how long you can park them. They are all spelled out in the DCCR Article VI Section 4.

  • How do I get Pool Tags?

    Pool Tags can be requested by submitting these forms Pool Card Form and Covid Waiver for Pool to Member Portal.

  • Can we pop fireworks in Raleigh Creek?

    No, the sale, display, storage, transport, or manufacture of fireworks is prohibited in the City Limits of Tomball. The Tomball Fire Department provides an annual display every 4th of July.

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